Here is a fact to think about: The number one computer-related activity that people in the US do daily is SOCIAL MEDIA.  It tops checking email, file sharing and gaming.

What does this mean for your business? It simply means that now is the perfect time to plan your Facebook marketing strategy for the coming year! As a year-end post, I have created a checklist for you to help organize social media activity and welcome 2015.



If you want to achieve a greater response from your fans and new fans, think of a general campaign message that inspire people on a broad level.


What kind of posts get the most engagement? If you’re not checking your Facebook insights to understand this- start there. Insights will allow you to review your most successful posts for the past year. You can repurpose the good content and recycle, or spin-off and develop a new strategy.


A picture says a 1000 words.  Images are powerful tools, use them to give your audience a visual of your mission or to showcase your customers and employees.


A good content marketing plan is supposed to be a journey of learning. Valuable information is what keeps your followers sticking around and coming back to your page. Plan out a series of topics about your business that will help people.  Provide value and you’ll have a customer for life.


People in general have short attention spans… So it’s better to write short, meaningful words, blog posts and status updates. Use shorten URLs with or another link shortening tool and avoid hidden messages.


Design great cover photos, especially for the occasion. Update your page with a great cover photo to start the New Year right.


Aside from images, there are all kinds of content you can leverage for your Facebook page.  Videos are the #1 most engaging type of content – use them for client testimonials and to showcase How-To videos of your products.  You can also share links to other types of content that your fans and audience might like.


If you created your Facebook page years ago, go back and make sure your profile is up to date.  You’ll want to make sure that ALL of the fields are completed.  This will make it easier for your audience to find you on Facebook and when doing Google searches. If you have a physical store, make sure to include your business address so a map can be generated on your About Page.

Hint: Use the Additional links field to take people to a specific page on your website.


Those are the most basic characteristics of a valuable post. If you are able to give your readers the content they want from your niche, then there will be no reason to hide you from their Newsfeed or unfollow your page as time goes on.


Headlines like ad headlines, blog post titles, image text descriptions and video titles should serve one purpose: to catch the attention of your fans. Fans have so much noise in their newsfeed and with the new Facebook algorithm updates coming in 2015, you’ll want to create a headline that is going to STAND OUT!


To maximize engagement, ask your fans to share their opinions.  Allow polls which will encourage people to choose their own answer.  You can also ask a question in your status updates that encourage people to answer – therefore, increasing engagement on your page.


Posting something humorous from time to time breaks up the monotony of just posting information about your business and your products and services.  Get silly and post something that shows your personal side.


With Facebook Insights, you can check which times your audience are more likely to be online. And since Facebook posts have a short life span, (about 75% of post engagement happens for the first 5 hours upon posting) there are two essentials in posting: posting at the right time and regularly.



Make sure you utilize the Ads Manager where you can get even more laser focused on choosing the best audience for your business.  You can also click Boost Post and while this has some efficient qualities, you lose some of the targeting capabilities you have when you create an ad in the Ads Manager or Power Editor.

Hint: Start targeting people who like competitor pages. You can also upload an email list and create lookalike audiences. Once you are comfortable with creating audience groups, you can save it as a custom audience.


If you want to understand Facebook Ads like a pro, then make sure you set aside an hour or two to learn more about using the Power Editor, a Chrome-plugin to help you make ads like a true Facebook marketing master. This is for a more advanced user and has more capabilities that the Ads Manager portal.


Avoid wasted leads! Target visitors who visited your website, but left without signing-up or completing a sale. These people are already interested in your offer, so you can always include them as a custom target and remarket new offers.

Build a list


Yes, the success of a Facebook page can be measured with page likes and engagement; but the real deal with building a Facebook page is to generate leads that will turn to real sales.  Make sure you are capturing email addresses from those that interact with your page.  You can do this by using Facebook App software tools such as 22Social.


To get your ideal leads, you must have the right offer. Study your market well and think of a specific digital tool you can create that fans can’t resist.  Think about creating a free e-book, a digital guide or a video series that not only helps fans, but promotes your brand.


Once you have captured the email addresses of those that have downloaded the freebie, follow up with an autoresponder email series to introduce them to you and your business. These pre-scheduled messages aim to build rapport, boost credibility and introduce your products or services.



Group pages are highly-recommended for building stronger relationships with followers. You can build several groups for your email list, hot leads, coaching groups and business partners.

When you work with premium members, a private Facebook group provides a more “at home” feel with you and your program. Whereas email subscribers will benefit more with public groups in which members can invite other friends to join. With Facebook groups you maintain a closer relationship with customers.


Join groups to widen your presence and follow other brands related to your business.


Post, comment and reply as you would personally. Keep your mind open to what people are saying as their feedback or criticism are as valuable as a praise. Put a person behind your company and make people connect with you. Be a human.


As any company would do, always practice social media etiquette. Be polite and respond to positive AND negative comments/posts.



Run several ads for a certain time and pause the ones that are not performing well, while letting the more successful ones continue.  Switch out new copy and images for ads that are not performing well.  Still not performing?  Make sure you are testing different audiences and that your creative speaks directly to that specific audience!

Check out Insights

People tend to shy away from the data.  I get it…most people hate numbers.  But without this knowledge, your page isn’t ever going to perform at it’s optimal level.

Get in there and get educated on which posts are performing best.  Understand your demographics so you can create posts and ads that are targeted.  Check out what time of day your fans are online and adjust your posting schedule.


You can learn a lot from your competition. One easy way is to watch competitor pages using Pages to Watch. You can add up to 100 pages at a time so you can observe how they grow their page likes, engagement and strategies. You can discover what post content, post types and times work.

Another trick is to add them to your interest list. You will need to like their pages first then click the options down-arrow to add them to your interest list.

I sure hope this list helps you get smarter about the way you are using Facebook to market your business and wish you luck for you and your business in the new year.

Happy New Year to you and wishing your business prosperity in 2015!




Holiday season is here and I created a quick, last-minute guide to using Facebook Ads to help you grow our business during this time of year. Just follow these few tips and watch your Facebook ads deliver!


Let’s assume that you have set up at least a few ads on Facebook before.


Taking note of important dates especially those crazy shopping holidays. This will enable you to determine execution and delivery timelines, including the best dates are to post for your business.


After setting up your calendar, try creating achievable goals for the season.
Do you want more page likes?
An increase in brand awareness?
More visits to your website, local store or office perhaps?
Increased sales?

Or, maybe you have a new product or program to introduce for 2015. You name it! Use these goals and then align them to your calendar.


This is the season to be lighthearted, creative and festive so come up with a few different festive holiday images for ads, offers, sponsored posts ads and landing pages. Here are some  examples of when to use seasonal imagery:

  • Use images as choices for insight-seeking poll questions
  • Post virtual greeting cards, rewards, coupons and announcement posters.
  • Run fun contests that will make people submit content to you (photo & video contests)
  • Giveaway something exciting and compel readers into real conversion!


During the holidays make sure you target locally, with the right age group. If you have a month-long promotional activity, then schedule how many days as well as the optimal times your ads are going to run in a local setting vs nationally and vs other parameters.


People will be more active on Facebook this month so take advantage of increased outreach from potential customers. Communicate with them through comment replies or private message (PM) as a live person – a real connection. Continue supplying your Page with engaging content to support your paid ad efforts and watch your business grow!

Enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas!


As a follow up to this blog post that I wrote previously, I am sharing with you information on how to increase your Facebook engagement without paying for ads.


So how does Facebook define “engagement”? In simple terms, Facebook engagement happens whenever your fans:

  1. LIKE your post
  2. COMMENT on your post
  3. SHARE your post, or
  4. CLICK a link in your post


While getting your fans to engage on Facebook is extremely important for organic reach, I believe creating a Facebook content & marketing strategy is equally important. And the best way to start with this is by creating an editorial calendar. Your editorial calendar doesn’t have to be anything complicated, a simple shared Google spreadsheet will do.

To get the planning started – consider these key elements:

  • Your fans – Who are they? What are they looking for? How can you help them?
  • Your content – Generally, share content that your fans can resonate with. Vary content type from text updates, images, videos and links to relevant articles.
  • Your voice – This should be consistent with your business or brand. For me, I like to write posts that sounds like I’m having a chat over coffee with a friend. Be helpful. Create a standard turn-around time to reply to fans comments – within 12 hours is preferred.
  • Your words – Write posts that are compelling and invoke strong emotion – at least strong enough for your fans to follow your call-to-action. Also “snackable” and straight to the point posts are most likely to have more engagement.

You now know the basics but don’t stop there. Be open to other ideas on how to increase your engagement with your fans. Here are other things you can do:

  • Run a contest.
  • Spotlight a fan.
  • Host Facebook Fan Page Friday.
  • Tag other pages when you mention them in your posts
  • Ask close-ended questions.
  • Ask your fans to vote.
  • Repurpose content that you already have.
  • Repost top performing posts you shared previously
  • Host a Live Q and A hour.
  • Post updates about trending events.


Here are the key things that you should consider:

  • Know when your fans are online and post updates whenever your fans are online – simple, right?
  • Post updates 2-3 times a day. If you don’t you will definitely miss out.
  • Monitor which posts created most engagement. Do this more often and fewer of the things that don’t get engagement.


Increasing engagement on Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t promote your posts outside Facebook.

  • Add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature.
  • Encourage people in your email list to like your page and comment in your posts
  • Tweet your posts
  • Pin image posts on Pinterest
  • Embed top performing updates in your blog

Now, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to generate more engagement in your Facebook page! I would love to hear which of these tips worked for you.

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What other tips do you have for increasing reach and engagement for your Facebook page?

Leave me a comment in the comments section below and let me know what tips you’re using on your page that are working!  I’d love to hear from you!


Facebook is an amazing social platform to grow your client list for your real estate business.

It is one of the most powerful social media network to date. With it’s boundless reach and business-savvy features, a lot of small businesses are taking their businesses to the next level using Facebook. Even big corporations have Facebook pages to reach out to their target markets. The beauty of Facebook is it’s ability to micro-target.  This means your real estate business can definitely benefit from using Facebook.

Before you can maximize the use of Facebook for your business though, you must be clear about these 3 requirements in growing your client list:

  1. Your Facebook page must have the RIGHT Fans
  2. Your fans must convert from “likers” to “buyers”.
  3. Your fans must love the content you provide on your Facebook business page so much that they come back to and engage with your page.

Keeping these 3 things in mind, here are 6 Facebook tips to help you grow your client list:


Make use of your email contacts list to build your network on Facebook. If someone has already opted in to your email list, there’s a greater chance that they would want to connect and interact with you on Facebook as well. Invite them to “Like” your Facebook page to be in the loop about everything that’s new in your real estate business. Ask your family, friends and current contacts to recommend your page. This is social media’s new-age “word of mouth” advertisement. In addition to this, you can add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. Here are 2 examples:


Share stunning images

A picture paints a thousand words! This is very true in real estate. Post stunning photographs of real estate property. People LOVE to comment and sharing amazing photos of homes!

Post or share interesting articles or tips related to real estate

Real estate is a big topic. Post various articles on your page that might be interesting to prospective clients such as tips on finding the right property or how to increase the market value of a property. You can also share a link to your own blog or you can write your own tips that you can share. You can convert these tips to images.

Facebook Real Estate
Run a contest to promote your page

Contests are a great way to invite people to “Like” your page and let people know what your business is all about and what you have to offer. Take this opportunity to create a promotion they can’t pass up. For instance, you can offer a hassle-free loan approval and partner with a mortgage lender or even a room make-over & free consultation with an interior designer like this:


Utilize Facebook APPs to create a lead capture system.

By adding a “Contact Us” or “Book Now” tab to your Facebook page you can make it easier for your leads to sign up without sending them away from Facebook. You can also create an app that features your upcoming open house with a video.  22Social is a great tool that you can use to set this up.  If you’d like to see what a complete app looks like from 22Social – check one out here.

Advertise to gain more page likes

Facebook’s “Like” ad is probably the easiest ad type to set up. It’s also the least expensive but it gets your page instant exposure to new fans.

Watch this short video about how you can get more likes using Facebook ads!


Not all people join the same social media network. Linking your Facebook to other social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn will broaden your reach to possible clients. Your posts, articles or announcements gain more exposure when your social media sites are linked to each other.


Create a conversation with your fans. When your fans comment on your posts, it trigger an engagement metric to Facebook and they’ll start showing more fans your posts.  But more importantly, it starts the conversation and relationship with future clients.  Make sure you take time to respond to posts on your page.  Here is a quick and easy way to monitor comments on your page – click here.


Go do something awesome each day on your Facebook page. Taking action is always better than doing nothing at all. Just start today, and before you know it, you’ll have something great – a page where your fans love your content and a Facebook community that trusts you and wants to use YOU for their real estate transactions.


What do you think? How else can you use Facebook to grow your client list for the long-term? Share your comments and questions in the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you!


Facebook’s Embedded Posts is a social plugin that allows users to embed public posts from Facebook to a blog or website.

With this plugin, people can now Like and share the Embedded Post straight from your web page. It displays just like it is on Facebook, can show pictures, videos, trending topics and most of its content.

Here is how an embedded post looks:

Embed a Facebook public post in these simple steps:

  1. All Facebook page posts are “public” so no need to worry about post restrictions.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts
  2. Click on the drop down menu, then select “Embed Post”.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts 2
  3. Get the embed code then add this to your webpage.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts 3

Here are ways Facebook marketers can benefit From Using Facebook’s embedded posts:

#1: Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Facebook Embed Posts are interactive because site visitors can like and share your posts. To comment, they must click through the post in order write their comments within Facebook. Bloggers can also embed your posts into their own blogs, thus sharing your content elsewhere in the web. Site visitors can then like your page straight from the embed posts. Whichever way you look at it, an embed Facebook post gives an extra edge in getting more likes, shares and comments from ideal followers.

#2: Support Content with Examples

Instead of providing screenshots of the status posts to support your article, you can simply embed the post straight to your page. Also if you are comparing metrics such as engagement, comments, likes and shares, embedding the entire post is the best way to do it. If you want to quote your resources, embedding the post can add interaction to your website content. When quoting others, make sure you share your link to the owner of the post you quoted, to let him know that you have quoted them.

#3: Make Your Website Fresh

Embed posts provided up-to-date and timely information from Facebook straight to your website –without the hassle of clicking through separate sites.

#4: Reach More People Outside Facebook with Media Content

Do you have media such as video or photo and you want to get it out there? Then think about sharing the video on your Facebook page first, then embed post with the video on it, as compared to just embedding just the video. This allows video increase virality -to be liked and shared more from the webpage. Your readers can also click through Facebook so that they can also comment and share using the links that comes with the post.

#5: Cross-Promote Pages with Known Brands

Do you follow entrepreneurs and brands on Facebook? With the consent of your source, you can embed their post that is related to your site content. This establishes a professional connection with these brands, online. Great examples are: sharing testimonials or a photo of the first meetup over coffee.

#6: Refresh Your Old Viral Content

Another great way to use embedded posts is to show off your best viral content, highlighting your most popular Facebook posts. To determine which post is is the most popular, Go into Facebook Insights and under the Posts column, check which posts had the most engagement. Click on a popular post, then on the detailed statistics screen, you can find the drop-down where you can embed the post on your site or blog. This gives an opportunity for other site visitors, who haven’t seen the post before to see it: making the post more viral over your website or blog.

You can opt to showcase top post or an entire list of best Facebook page posts you made in a roundup. Ideally this refreshes old posts and can potentially get new engagement from Facebook fans.

What’s best with using the Facebook embedded posts feature is that you can utilize the Like and Share features of Facebook in a few clicks on your own web page. This invites your site visitors to become Facebook Fans. But keep in mind that this is only effective if they would click through your own page, not through the embed posts of other Pages or people.

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Facebook’s Graph Search is an amazing tool and provides tons of information about your ideal audience, competitors fans, and your fans’ interests.

With a little imagination, your research options are endless! This post covers various ways on how you can research, optimize and engage your ideal audience using Graph Search.


Discover more about your fans. With a few keywords, you can get information about your existing fans and friends in order to fully understand what your ideal audience likes.

You may want to start with your friends. Go ahead and try these search terms:

  • My friends who like [your page]
  • Favorite interests of people who like [your page]
  • Favorite interests of people who like [your page]
  • Groups of people who like [your page]
  • Pages liked by people who like [your page]
  • Fans of [your page] and [another similar page]
  • Places, like Restaurants in [your city] visited by people who like [your page]

Divide your fan base into demographics like men and women:

  • Pages liked by women who like [your page]
  • Pages liked by men who like [your page]


Use the Facebook Graph Search to visualize your current and target audiences. With more digging, you can uncover the real picture of your audience’ demographics: age, gender, education, and “likes”. Make sure you search as much as you can since this tool is designed for market research.


Not only it is important to know more about your current fans, it is also noteworthy to know other business or pages’ interests as well. Make sure you optimize your page by updating it with all of the most important information about your business. The business name, category and other information on your About page is highly important, so that Graph Search can tailor its results using your data. Develop interesting post content. This way, your search results become more relevant to your ideal audience. This also makes your Business Page more appealing to your fans.

Always remember that everything in Facebook: links, photos and News Feed that a user has “liked” becomes searchable content on Facebook Graph Search. In short, getting people to like your page as well as its content are important. The more likes, the more search results you can dig up.


Once you have learned about your audience and optimized your page, you can now start with connecting to new people. Use the Graph Search to know more about the competition in your area and compare your page to theirs. Be on the lookout for Facebook users who are similarly interested to what your current fans “likes”. In this way, you can select more engaging content to post or develop your ads to reach more targeted audience.


Are you a local business?  Do you have a brick and mortar store?  Then you’ll definitely want to keep reading!!

Check-ins is a Facebook mobile feature which allows users to discover and share their favorite locations to friends. This feature is great if you have a physical location and you want your shop to be talk of the town. It’s also a great way to get your store noticed by people who might have not otherwise known you had a retail location.

You can best utilize Facebook checkins by doing this:

First: To allow people to check in at your Business Page, you will need to select Local Business as page category. Then add a business address on the Page settings. If the page has already been created, you can still change the page category.

1. From the top of your Page, click Edit Page and Select Update Page Info
2. Edit Category
3. Select Local Businesses from the first dropdown menu, then select a more specific category (ex: Restaurant/Cafe) from the second dropdown menu.
4. Click Save Changes

Second: Edit your business address to your Page:

1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page and select Update Page Info

2. Edit Address
Facebook check in step 2.2

3. Enter your business address then check the box next to Show this map on your Page
Facebook check in step 2.3

4. Click Save Changes

Third: People can also check in at Pages with locations they are into. Even if you’ve never made a Page for your business; people may still be able to check in by creating a new location. If you happen to see duplicate Pages regarding your business, it is because people has added your location so they can check in. To fix this, you as an administrator can claim and merge the duplicates, by making your page as an Official Page. Click here to learn how…

Checking in is just one of the cool Facebook features you can use if you have a local business. There are also Facebook Reviews, Facebook Offers, and Facebook Promotions that you can use to get your store noticed.


Do you struggle with finding interesting content for your Facebook page?  This is the NUMBER ONE issue my clients are having with their Facebook content strategies.

It’s hard (not to mention time consuming) trying to find interesting content to write each day but it’s proving even more difficult to find the right content to share that is relevant to their fans.

The Facebook News Feed is placed on the center of the home page for a good reason: to highlight what your friends are doing –especially the links they share.

News links increase the relevance of the post and the more links are shared – the better as far as Facebook is concerned.

As a matter of fact, more people are now tuning in to Facebook for stories about things they care about; from live news coverage, to Miss Universe, to sports scores, to the latest meme images and inspirational quotes.

It was reported in October that Facebook’s average referral traffic to media sites has increased over 170%, which was 3x more than the previous year. Facebook has enhanced the newsfeed with more controls and the #hashtag to help you keep track of the topics that matter and are relevant to your page.

Facebook is using an algorithm (known to some as Edge Rank) to determine which stories matter, which includes the number of likes, comments, who posted it as well as the type of post (whether it is a photo, video, or a status update). It enables people to discuss and share what’s happening. With the algorithm, Facebook focuses more on what makes high-quality content, particularly when it comes to mobile.

But why does Facebook need to sort out stories and why do they determine which stories get “bumped” in your newsfeed? Why don’t they just serve up everything to our newsfeed? It is because of relevance. They want to give people a better user experience by just showing what people want to see. In the near future, the News Feed will be able to determine the difference between high-quality articles from any mediocre content hosted outside Facebook. This means that the News Feed will give more prominence for valuable news related links and articles over other types of content.

How to find stories to share for your Facebook Business Page?

  1. Log-in to your Facebook account and switch As Your Page
    Facebook Page
  2. Like and follow as many people/page relevant to your niche. Include reputable news and media sites.
  3. While posting as the page admin, click on Home. There you will see what companies, brands and the people you follow are talking about.
  4. Select the stories you want to share. You can share it at that time, or better yet, pre-schedule to post at a later date (this helps you get more posts ready for later!)

Facebook just launched – Similar To – which is a simple feature that appears under a post on your page.

To make the News Feed more suitable to people’s interests, Facebook is now suggesting articles or posts that are “similar.” Once you click on the post, about three more articles similar to what you have read will show up beneath the post feed. This will help you discover more content you may find interesting and shareable on your own Facebook Page timeline. You will never have to miss out on the topics you care about.

See it in action here:

The key to all of this is to know that Facebook’s research shows that people prefer links to quality articles or news vs. just an image or meme and they will start showing more of this type of content in people’s newsfeeds so take note and start created AND sharing this type of content.

You should see an increase in your reach of your fan page if you start following these rules.

I’d love to hear in the comments below this post if you guys have seen a drop in your reach with these recent changes.


This holiday season is a great opportunity for YOU – the business owner to share the holiday spirit with customers and fans.  You can boost your sales and engagement by getting your holiday-themed campaigns and page content ready.

Here are several ways to get your Facebook campaign ready for the holiday season:

Plan Ahead
Decide which types of activities will help you achieve your holiday marketing goals. Utilize your Facebook page insights to determine whether you are going to conduct contests, promos, content, freebies etc. With Facebook Insights you can discover more about your fan demographics: gender, age and location, as well as the similar pages your fans like. With better understanding of the numbers, this tool will help you fine-tune your holiday marketing efforts. It is also important to determine the end of your promotions. This way you will have plenty of time to stock up your products or hire additional staff.

Pre-schedule Posts and Use Call to Actions
Action words such as “Post”, “Comment”, “Take”, “Submit”, “Like” and “Tell Us” help boost engagement rates on Facebook – so make sure to combine these keywords into your holiday-related posts. Take note of the following holiday spending days in US:

  • Black Friday (November 29th)
  • Small Business Saturday (November 30th)
  • Cyber Monday (December 2nd)
  • Green Monday (December 9th)
  • Free Shipping Day (December 18th)

It’s easy to preschedule the posts using Facebook’s scheduling tool.

Post Restock Alerts
Know which products or service packages your company has offered in previous holidays.  Let your fans know that because they were so popular, you are restocking the products and offering them again and they will ONLY be available this season only. Start your post or ad with content that says something like “back by popular demand….”

Use apps for your holiday campaign
There are TONS of Facebook apps that you can use to promote your activities. Select 3rd party apps that offer sharing and refer-a-friend features already built-in. Refer-a-friend allows users to increase their chances of winning (like additional entry points) every time someone joins the promo through the referral link they share.  I use ShortStack apps and have been super pleased with their apps and their service!

Be like Santa: Give Away Free Items
There are a number of ways to share the holiday spirit:

  • Build a list of your most loyal clients and page fans then send them an early gift.
  • Grab the chance for your company to partake in social work: donate to charity or render free services for the needy this holiday season.
  • Offer coupons for everyone -especially those who Like your page.
  • Offer free shipping on special items.

Use Custom Audiences to Target Your Customers
Tailor ad copy that is custom-made for your customers rather than just creating a generic copy for all. This will make audiences feel special as the message is directly addressed to them.  You can upload your email address list and create a custom audience on Facebook that you can then create an ad campaign for.  This feature is available when creating ads using Power Editor.  Not sure how to use Custom Audiences?  I can help you.

Share your store hours
There might be changes in your store hours during the season so make sure to announce it early. This will allow your customers to conduct business with you before you close down for the holidays and might even get you some extra sales if you’re a local shop and have extended hours.

Timeline Cover Photo Ideas

Having a holiday themed cover photo can leave your fans feeling jolly!  Here are a few ways to get your timeline cover photo ready for the holidays:

  • Use the cover photo to promote your holiday app.
  • Showcase new products or services.
  • Promote your giveaways.
  • Say thank you for their business.
  • Use the cover photo to inspire audiences to take action.
  • Promote your homepage, other sites or links.

Optimize Your Page for the Holidays

  • Create an editorial plan for your posts
  • Use the appropriate Call to Action (CTA)
  • Share images of holiday related products
  • Include fine prints: disclaimers, rules into your verbiage.
  • Promote your posts with Facebook Ads
  • Use an app to collect data/email addresses from contest entries.

Pay attention to Facebook’s Page Guidelines
This should be on top of your list when creating any kind of Facebook campaign. However, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind you as there are daily changes to Facebook’s page and ad guidelines.  Here are a few to consider:

– Avoid inaccurately tagging people, as well as encourage people to tag themselves in a promotional photo if they are not included on the photo themselves.

– Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.

– Choose an expiration date for your offer. You can also add optional terms and conditions and advanced options, like a redemption link, redemption code, claims limit and reminder time.

– Promotions may be conducted on Pages or within apps on Facebook. Personal timelines should not be used to administer promotions. So, encouraging people to share on their timeline or share on their friends’ timeline is prohibited.

I hope this gives you some great holiday marketing ideas for your Facebook page. You don’t need to do it all – simply select a couple and focus only on the activities that will help you achieve your marketing goals this season.

Happy Holidays!


Have you seen the new star ratings review on your Facebook business page?

They previously were shown on the right hand side of your business page and you typically had to scroll to see it.  However, the new star reviews are shown directly under your timeline cover image for all to see.

Facebook Reviews

The Good…
The stars are placed in a more prominent place –just beneath the page name. They are now more prominent than any other element of a brand’s fan page such as the number of Likes and “talking about this” metric. This can be great for some brands, as it is much easier to showcase positive reviews.  Page admins will now need to focus on and pay special attention to improving the quality of their pages, thus naturally encouraging positive reviews from fans and potential followers.

This also makes monitoring metrics more simplistic. It leaves out the focus on geeky statistics –like counting number of reach or virality. Page admins can promote a more positive and authentic engagement by simply making fans happier.

The Bad…
The stars can be too prominent because it can appear, not only on the page itself but could also end up on other apps such as Like boxes, Profile badges or anywhere else on the web through embedding codes. If you are able to ensure great reviews, then your less likely to have issues, But let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get a 5-star rating!  For instance, I only have 5 star ratings on my page but Facebook is only showing 4 stars. Therefore, we have to assume they are using additional algorithm scoring such as fan engagement to determine the star rating,

Let’s talk about how the rating is determined..

A like is only counted as one vote, whereas star reviews count into averages.

If your page does not allow fans to post on your Timeline, the review feature can be the easiest, most convenient way to leave poor feedback. When people want to contact your brand on Facebook, they can only send you a message, leave a comment or better yet leave a review. If they are trying to reach you over a customer-related issue, then chances are you will accumulate some bad reviews.

How to enable or disable reviews on my Brand Page?

Based on Facebook’s Helpdesk, admins can only allow reviews by adding your address. If you would like to disable reviews on your business page, you can remove the address which will remove the reviews option entirely.

If your Page has a location, star ratings and reviews will appear once you have updated the page info with a business address.

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  2. Select Update Page Info
  3. Click Address
  4. Edit your address
  5. Click Save Changes

How to add a review to other Facebook Pages?

  1. Just visit the Facebook page of the business you want to review.
  2. Find the review section by scrolling down, on the right hand side of the timeline.
  3. Fill in the number of stars (total of five) that reflect your experience with the business.
  4. Write a written review on the space that says “What do you think about this place”.
  5. You can select your review to go public or select the friends, acquaintances or other connections so they can see it as well.
  6. Click “Review” when done.

FB Reviews