Bloom Communications

“Jen Smith is my go-to gal when it comes to strategic business marketing and advertising on Facebook. She and I worked side-by-side in the social media trenches when consulting for one of the world’s biggest brands, so I know first hand that she knows her stuff. I seek her guidance and expertise each and every time one of my clients needs to grow its audience and engage key brand influencers on Facebook. Not only can I attest to her intuitive social media savvy, but also to her integrity as a consultant.”

President & Founder

“I had the honor of having Jen Smith speak at our association meeting NEAWP- Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals in May. Unfortunately, I left my paper and pen at the front of the room when she began to speak so I had to feverishly type her wise words on my cell phone. She was nothing short of spectacular. Her engaging demeanor and extreme knowledge base was most appreciated. Not only did she speak with outstanding confidence but she tailored her presentation to our specific association needs. Often times, our guest speakers do not take the time to understand what our market is. She commanded the room with her directness and ability to explain the complexities of social media.  We would gladly have her back at any given time.”

Writer + Photographer
Peace Love Free

“What can i possibly say about Jen Smith?   She’s a magic maker.  Clear and direct and knows Facebook  inside out.   Without her help in navigating the overwhelming maze of social media my most recent online course would have never been the success that it was.  Jen took all of the stress off my hands and cast some spells and waved her magic wand and overnight I went from struggling with registrations to being completely full.  I don’t know what I would do without her, and will return to her again and again for all of my Facebook advertising and marketing needs.”

Full Circle / Chronic Wellness Tools

“Okay, here is the truth. My mind is officially blown.  Not only did Jen step in and put out the fire under a major deadline – but she kept her cool, grace and brilliance under pressure.  She not only knows her stuff but delivers above and beyond expectations – and in ways that will tickle your every business fiber.  Organized? – check. Creative? – check. Awesome copy writer? – check check. And to top it all off – she noticed I had left a link off a post and called me from the car on her way to the store to help me correct it.  Customer service? – above and beyond. I cannot recommend Jen enough.  Get your name on her client roster quickly – because this one is headed for the stars.  I cannot thank you enough Jen, even one hour with you was worth a week’s worth of time with the other consultants we interviewed.  I’m sold. In HUGE gratitude…”

Managing Principal / Art Director

“Working with Jen Smith is always a pleasure! From the first time I met her, she was friendly, smart and to the point. She knows her stuff inside and out, and is great at communicating it in ‘non-tech’ terms. I have worked with her on multiple projects and plan to for years to come. I consider her an important business partner who always delivers what is promised and then some.”


Office Manager
Duggan Endodontics

“Jen is a great communicator, has great knowledge of search marketing and social media and provides timely reports for review, In addition to her working with us at Duggan Endodontics, I invited  her to speak to our group of Dental Office Managers and we received the most compliments and positive feedback from all who attended than we ever have in the past. In a field that is constantly changing, she can help you find your way thru the maze and navigate with new confidence.”


Director of Marketing Strategies
UPG Video

“Whether it’s marketing or sales, social media or print collateral, you always look for that ROI. Achieving ROI is a result of delivering a relevant message to relevant prospects.  This is why I always want Jen Smith in my corner.  She gets it.  She knows how to target and how to measure success.  Plus, Jen is one of the most honest and genuinely nice individuals I know.”


Mosaic Insights Group

“Jen is the ideal collaborator – she has the energy, the strategy and the  understanding it takes to get the job done. She’s someone you want working on your business because she asks smart questions and has an extremely high level of service. Her curious nature helps ensure she will understand the entire situation before making any assessments or recommendations.  She’s got an entrepreneurial spirit and understands how to make Facebook and social media work for businesses.  Jen has added tremendous value to the projects we’ve worked on together!”

Deseo Salon

“Jen Smith is a marketing powerhouse! I have worked with Jen since she started Jen Smith Social and am blown away with the professionalism I have experienced. She is creative, responsive, efficient and produces when expected. As a small business owner these things are paramount qualities I look for in someone providing a service. Thanks Jen!”


Christian Brothers Automotive – Whiterock

“Our approach to any online experience must result in ‘customers in the door’, and Jen quickly recognized the desire to funnel all social and search campaigns to meet that need, with exceptional results.”


Organized Style by Kari

“Jen Smith is a gem! I had no idea what I was missing with all things social media. She is so full of knowledge on all things Facebook and social media.  I don’t know what I’d do without her! She helped navigate me through all the questions I had on my business page and how to get more traffic. I would recommend her to anyone!”


Robin Emmerich, Life Coach

“Working with Jen has been a game changer. She has a gift for educating you on what you need to know to more effectively grow (or: expand) your business. In short- she will help you work smarter rather than harder. She is organized, detailed, and has an ability to tune into exactly what you need. Thank you, Jen!”