Facebook Checklist for The New Year

Awesome Facebook Checklist for The New Year

Here is a fact to think about: The number one computer-related activity that people in the US do daily is SOCIAL MEDIA.  It tops checking email, file sharing and gaming. … Read More

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Introduces Video Advertising in Mobile Apps

Facebook recently introduced a new type of video ad, which focuses on driving mobile app installation. This feature is a part of Facebook Mobile Apps which brings more interactivity to … Read More

Facebook Ads for Christmas

5 Ways to Use Facebook Ads for the Holiday

Holiday season is here and I created a quick, last-minute guide to using Facebook Ads to help you grow our business during this time of year. Just follow these few … Read More

Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Do In

5 Biggest Mistakes When Setting Up Facebook Ads

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes this can be a good thing! I for one commend those people who share stories about Facebook Ads mishaps, because this means that you and … Read More

Facebook metrics

Understanding Facebook Metrics That Matter

Reviewing Facebook metrics can sometimes leave you confused. Data and numbers change all the time and I’m sure this is one task you prefer someone else to do for you- … Read More