Facebook isn’t just a powerful platform to let your audience know what’s going on in your own real estate business, it’s also a great way to generate leads and convert those leads into buyers.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help get even more out of your Facebook community.

Create targeted/compelling content

Facebook’s algorithm considers content quality when deciding what to show in news feeds. Over time, Facebook continually edits this algorithm to ensure that Pages show only content that truly matter to fans, while weeding out spam or link-baits. It’s up to you to make your content engaging and relevant to fans.

But what will make your content valuable to fans?

  1. Content comes in many forms, including status posts, shared links, videos and photos or graphics. Recently, there has been a trend toward sharing content beyond text such as engaging visuals including poster quotes and fun, interesting photos.  Include graphics in your content mix.
  2. Make sure you include an interesting description on your shared content, website links and videos. Use words that will make people want to click.
  3. To break up content, it is also good to share a few causal posts about your personal experience with real estate. This could also be news that is relevant to pop culture or includes a bit of humor. Only do this once in a while, but make sure to add it to your content mix.
  4. People love to read about real-life stories. Post stories and photos about your personal experience as a realtor, the places you’ve visited and the interesting activities or events you may attend. Be human!
  5. Write posts that encourage engagement from your audience. Amazing photos are nothing without a clear call to action

Other great tips:

  • Plan out your posts in advance, to avoid writers block or missing a day.
  • Make a calendar of posts to help you organize the different types of posts. This is also something you could share and have other people help with your social media posting.
  • Map out the optimal times your fans are on Facebook. Utilize Facebook Insights for this. Posting around 3-4 posts a day ideal to avoid flooding your fans’ News Feeds.
  • You can use Facebook’s pre-scheduling function to set up future posts in one sitting.
  • Follow other brand pages relevant to your business (and are also followed by your fans).


Use Facebook to make your phone ring! Here are 5 examples of offers to post that could entice people to talk with you:

  1. Free financial analysis for FSBOs.
  2. Host a Facebook Events Q&A forum about your listings/ expertise.
  3. Free 30-minute call on financing and mortgage consultation
  4. Offer discounts and minor fees waived from your listings
  5. Host a referrals contests: Give away something for every referred lead that will set an appointment with you.

These are all great lead-generating activities. Just make sure you have set up a system to capture contact information and move these leads through your sales funnel. Keeping your list updated with current info is important!


Facebook Events are a powerful tool to increase awareness about your events. Tip: Set up your Facebook events at least 3 weeks before the event itself. This will allow time for people to ask questions, prepare and check schedules.

Here are a few More tips:

  1. Lay the ground rules on the Event description. Unless the house has been vacated, most professional open houses will require guests to sign a logbook and show a driver’s license. Spell out any special instructions like this on the Event listing.
  2. Enlist the neighbors. It’s a great idea to make friends with the neighbors, or at least introduce yourself. It goes without saying that the neighbors are better sales people than you! They can give the best testimony why they chose to live in the area, and create a warmer welcome for potential buyers. Let neighbors know about events.
  3. Run Facebook Ads for the event to increase attendance and awareness.Events are better promoted if they are highlighted on the Facebook News Feed. With a small budget, you can set a short campaign to optimize your promotional efforts for the event. (See: Geo-targeting for Facebook Ads below)
  4. Document the event. Take photos and notes. This way you can use it as content for other marketing efforts. Consider having the event professionally recorded, but be sure to let your guests know before hand that there will be cameras rolling during the event.


Geo-targeting is often underutilized in Facebook, because many people think it’s hard to do. However, it’s actually pretty easy!

So what is Geo-targeting? It’s a special feature of ads that allow you to target audiences by location when running Facebook Ads. This is especially helpful since your business is in a particular city and you want your ads to attract the people within a certain distance of that location.

Facebook finds people to target through users’ IP address whenever they are online and the addresses users indicate in their profile information.

When creating ads, you can set Geo-targeting based on the following information:

  • Everywhere (Global)
  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City
  • ZIP Code

You can also include a wider scope to your ads, like a certain mile radius of your target location. Leverage this to your advantage.