Ever wonder how the heck you can respond as a business owner to comments people post on your Facebook business page?  I get it!  So many things to remember.  Let me help….

Allowing people to comment on your Business page creates a welcome feeling for fans.

As the page admin, Facebook allows you to reply as well as tag your fans to get their attention. This starts a thread of conversation and creates valuable engagement.

Watch this video quick video to know how to reply to posts on your Facebook page:

1. Go to Edit page – Edit Settings.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Scroll down the list till you see “Replies”. Click Edit.


4. Check to see if comment/replies are turned ON for your page.
If not, you’ll want to check the box and then, Click Save Changes.


As a bonus, I created a few tips on how to improve your conversation and interaction skills on your Page:

  • Create a positive, FUN, and respectful environment by commenting yourself in a professional manner.
  • Be helpful by offering additional info such as including a link to useful or relevant information.
  • If your business actually made a mistake or one of your employees didn’t treat a customer respectfully, first, apologize.  You can do this first and then try to correct the situation by offering  a free service or product after the apology.
  • Keep the thread topic focused on the content posted.
  • Tag only the fans involved in the thread conversation, avoid unnecessary tagging of other people.
  • Create basic rules on comments made by spammers or bashers. This will make it easier for you to keep them at bay.

Hope this helps.