How to Use Facebook Apps to Sell More Houses

A Facebook page is great to have to not only to boost your reputation as a professional, but to actually make that sale.

One way you can do this is to optimize your page using Facebook Apps. On a Facebook Business Page Apps are located on the left hand side under the cover photo and represented by small icon tabs. You can also reach Apps by clicking “more” under your Cover Photo menu bar.

Apps can be customized and rearranged according to the needs of your page. Read more on how do to that here…

Important things to know about Apps:

By default, tabs appear below your cover photo.

Three of these icon images can be swapped out with a custom image to match your brand. However, some icons like YouTube or the photo app will always be in the first position and cannot be changed.

They way you create custom apps is via the Facebook Apps marketplace or through a third party app designer or tool. Take a look at real estate businesses such as Zillow’s listing apps for examples.

You can have up to 12 apps for your Page, but ideally you only want to have 3-4.

Why you should use Apps?

Apps are designed to tailor-fit to the needs of any business. Specifically for real estate apps can be used to:

  • Build your list
  • Build equity in your brand
  • Run promotions and increase engagement
  • Feature your real estate listings
  • Link other social media efforts such as Twitter or Instagram to your page

However, not all Facebook Apps are created equal.

Some apps are well developed, while others aren’t. Do your research and find someone who can create the app you need for your marketing goals. I’ve discovered that 22Social is a really helpful third party vendor that works with business to develop Facebook Apps on many levels. Some of their apps can even generate leads 24/7!

It only takes a few seconds for the 22Social App to connect to your page and once installed you can build a custom looking mini webpage to gather leads as an app hosted within Facebook!

22Social has a very easy-to-use editor to help you build up your fanbase, funnel in leads and deliver information to your fans. The app also comes in mobile version.

How does the lead generation with 22Social work?

Leads on Facebook start with a “Like,” from a fan or potential customer. Next you collect their FB verified name, email, date of birth, city, state and Facebook ID. This information is emailed to you, stored in the SRM and can be passed to your autoresponder in your chosen email client.

 5 Ideas For Great Custom Apps

Still not sure if apps are right for you? Here are five ideas to get you started:

App 1: About Us App

An About Us App is a customizable web page within your Facebook page where you can introduce yourself and the members of your team to the public.

You can add media content such as videos and images; along with a summary of your expertise and the services you offer.

Including pictures of you or with your team is a great way to start a personal bond with your audience.

Make sure to include the following on your About Us App:

  • Contact form
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address and Map of Your Local Office
  • List your services

You could also rename the About Us app to “Welcome” or “Our Story.”

App 2: Featured Listings Template

You can install a custom-made app that showcases current featured real estate listings similar to the Zillow Listing App.

App 3: Reviews

Reviews are important for people who want to do some background research even before contacting you. It gives them an assurance just by reading positive experiences from other clients who have worked with you.

Real testimonials help confirm your credibility as an agent. You can add a reviews app using Zillow absolutely for free!

When you install this app, make sure to ask your clients to use this for giving feedback after you make a sale.

App 4: Free Offer App

People love to get free information! This is a very natural and effective way to attract the clients you want. Fans love freebies.

All you would need to do is create a worksheet or downloadable checklist to entice fans. Some examples include:

  • The Best 10 Restaurants in Chicago to Take Your Kids On The Weekend
  • The Top 5 Exemplary Schools in Austin
  • The 10 Best Swimming Spots in Los Angeles

Offering freebies can grow your business since you are offering something  of value in exchange for a name and email addresses.

From there you can generate quality leads that can be used in your email marketing campaigns down the road.

App 5: Home Video Tours

This will take a little bit more work on your end, but can really pay off. Here is how to get started:

  • Create an app on 22Social
  • Choose the video template option
  • Pull in your video link from YouTube
  • Promote the Smart Link on your Facebook page or in Facebook Ads

Videos help a lot in people’s home buying decision. It allows them to get a 360 view of the house you are showcasing. Fans have a chance to get excited even before setting an appointment with you.

Here’s how to do a video tour page:

  • Pull the video into your Facebook Video App
  • Next, host the video on YouTube or other video hosting service provider
  • Use OnVedeo to create a video listing in seconds for only $9.95 per video.

Great apps you can install for free!

Getting started with Facebook Apps is easy. Here are some great tools you can use to get you up and running in no time:

  1. 22Social
  2. Social Connections App
  3. Shortstack – Note: They will only let you try one app for free before requiring payment.