Facebook’s Embedded Posts is a social plugin that allows users to embed public posts from Facebook to a blog or website.

With this plugin, people can now Like and share the Embedded Post straight from your web page. It displays just like it is on Facebook, can show pictures, videos, trending topics and most of its content.

Here is how an embedded post looks:

Embed a Facebook public post in these simple steps:

  1. All Facebook page posts are “public” so no need to worry about post restrictions.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts
  2. Click on the drop down menu, then select “Embed Post”.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts 2
  3. Get the embed code then add this to your webpage.How to Embed Facebook Updates in Your Blog Posts 3

Here are ways Facebook marketers can benefit From Using Facebook’s embedded posts:

#1: Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Facebook Embed Posts are interactive because site visitors can like and share your posts. To comment, they must click through the post in order write their comments within Facebook. Bloggers can also embed your posts into their own blogs, thus sharing your content elsewhere in the web. Site visitors can then like your page straight from the embed posts. Whichever way you look at it, an embed Facebook post gives an extra edge in getting more likes, shares and comments from ideal followers.

#2: Support Content with Examples

Instead of providing screenshots of the status posts to support your article, you can simply embed the post straight to your page. Also if you are comparing metrics such as engagement, comments, likes and shares, embedding the entire post is the best way to do it. If you want to quote your resources, embedding the post can add interaction to your website content. When quoting others, make sure you share your link to the owner of the post you quoted, to let him know that you have quoted them.

#3: Make Your Website Fresh

Embed posts provided up-to-date and timely information from Facebook straight to your website –without the hassle of clicking through separate sites.

#4: Reach More People Outside Facebook with Media Content

Do you have media such as video or photo and you want to get it out there? Then think about sharing the video on your Facebook page first, then embed post with the video on it, as compared to just embedding just the video. This allows video increase virality -to be liked and shared more from the webpage. Your readers can also click through Facebook so that they can also comment and share using the links that comes with the post.

#5: Cross-Promote Pages with Known Brands

Do you follow entrepreneurs and brands on Facebook? With the consent of your source, you can embed their post that is related to your site content. This establishes a professional connection with these brands, online. Great examples are: sharing testimonials or a photo of the first meetup over coffee.

#6: Refresh Your Old Viral Content

Another great way to use embedded posts is to show off your best viral content, highlighting your most popular Facebook posts. To determine which post is is the most popular, Go into Facebook Insights and under the Posts column, check which posts had the most engagement. Click on a popular post, then on the detailed statistics screen, you can find the drop-down where you can embed the post on your site or blog. This gives an opportunity for other site visitors, who haven’t seen the post before to see it: making the post more viral over your website or blog.

You can opt to showcase top post or an entire list of best Facebook page posts you made in a roundup. Ideally this refreshes old posts and can potentially get new engagement from Facebook fans.

What’s best with using the Facebook embedded posts feature is that you can utilize the Like and Share features of Facebook in a few clicks on your own web page. This invites your site visitors to become Facebook Fans. But keep in mind that this is only effective if they would click through your own page, not through the embed posts of other Pages or people.

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