Facebook’s Graph Search is an amazing tool and provides tons of information about your ideal audience, competitors fans, and your fans’ interests.

With a little imagination, your research options are endless! This post covers various ways on how you can research, optimize and engage your ideal audience using Graph Search.


Discover more about your fans. With a few keywords, you can get information about your existing fans and friends in order to fully understand what your ideal audience likes.

You may want to start with your friends. Go ahead and try these search terms:

  • My friends who like [your page]
  • Favorite interests of people who like [your page]
  • Favorite interests of people who like [your page]
  • Groups of people who like [your page]
  • Pages liked by people who like [your page]
  • Fans of [your page] and [another similar page]
  • Places, like Restaurants in [your city] visited by people who like [your page]

Divide your fan base into demographics like men and women:

  • Pages liked by women who like [your page]
  • Pages liked by men who like [your page]


Use the Facebook Graph Search to visualize your current and target audiences. With more digging, you can uncover the real picture of your audience’ demographics: age, gender, education, and “likes”. Make sure you search as much as you can since this tool is designed for market research.


Not only it is important to know more about your current fans, it is also noteworthy to know other business or pages’ interests as well. Make sure you optimize your page by updating it with all of the most important information about your business. The business name, category and other information on your About page is highly important, so that Graph Search can tailor its results using your data. Develop interesting post content. This way, your search results become more relevant to your ideal audience. This also makes your Business Page more appealing to your fans.

Always remember that everything in Facebook: links, photos and News Feed that a user has “liked” becomes searchable content on Facebook Graph Search. In short, getting people to like your page as well as its content are important. The more likes, the more search results you can dig up.


Once you have learned about your audience and optimized your page, you can now start with connecting to new people. Use the Graph Search to know more about the competition in your area and compare your page to theirs. Be on the lookout for Facebook users who are similarly interested to what your current fans “likes”. In this way, you can select more engaging content to post or develop your ads to reach more targeted audience.