Facebook Events is a powerful tool, not only designed to invite friends, fans and potential customers to your check out your Facebook Page; but it’s a great way to keep audiences updated on details surrounding a particular event.

For example, if there are changes in location due to the weather, simply it let attendees know about it by posting an announcement on the Facebook Events page area. Or, if you need to update a time or venue, you can also do this right in the Facebook Events portal.

Let’s be honest, creating a Facebook Event is very easy. But, it’s promoting the event that can be tricky!

Tip: Prior to creating an official Facebook Event consider generating buzz and creating a sense of excitement and anticipation with some prospective guests. You can do this with the following steps:

  1. Create graphics and promotional materials before creating the Event on Facebook. Share this as a “sneak peek” with fans.
  2. Post an interest check on your Page, such as a teaser question to spark up conversation for the event. From there you can gauge how people may receive your event announcement.
  3. Create a group chat on Facebook and include the interested fans (those who commented on your interest check). Ask for suggestions or requests on ways to make the proposed event a success. Keep prospective guests in the loop with some of the background details of the upcoming event. This will help in maintaining the excitement and energy.
  4. You can now create a Facebook Event with the people in your group chat as your “core group”. Having more people excited to promote your event can produce better response in attendance.


  1. Update your Cover Photo with the short link to the event itself. A new cover photo is a great way to promote your Event. Add a teaser text plus the short link to the event in the description of the photo once its uploaded.
  2. Ask your most active fans and peers to promote the event among their friends. Identify fans who regularly engage in your page. Send them private messages to help you promote your event. You can also ask permission from other related pages if they can promote your event link too.
  3. Make a friend list of people who might be interested to go to your event.
    In your personal profile, identify friends in your list who are interested, or at least will be willing to help you out promote your link. In your event, click Invite Friends> Search by Name> Select List. If you cannot see your list name, then click on “See More”. You can also send them an invitation over private message for a more personal touch.
  4. Write catchy posts to invite your page fans to the event. Insert the event to your content mix and post updates regarding your event to tease the audience. Don’t forget to include the Facebook Event short link so people can RSVP.
  5. Create teaser images about the event. For an open house, you can have a picture of the property with a sample captions such as, “Planning to move to ____ soon? Check out this dream home!”. Again, always include the short link to the event.
  6. Give “exclusive” backstage passes to the event. This is better experienced in grand openings or ceremonies of real estate projects. Guests love to have a VIP treatment, so you can offer them tickets or backstage passes to your event. These VIP’s get special freebies like drinks, parking assistance, raffle tickets, souvenirs, or a better table at the reception.
  7. Upload short videos as teasers. People want to know what to expect in an upcoming event. This will help them decide if the event is worth their time or not. For open houses, make a 20-30 second video teaser of the home. Think along the lines of the MTV show Cribs. No need for narration! Just shoot some  property footage on your iPhone or camera. Add some lively music background in the video for a professional touch. Then, upload it to the Facebook Event and you’re set! (And remember that all important event RSVP link on the video description!)