Do you run a charity or have a goal to launch a charity soon?   Then you are going to love this new feature from Facebook that allows you to collect money through donations directly from your Facebook page!!  Wow, cool stuff, huh?!

Facebook introduces the Donate Button for non-profit pages. The company first tested this new feature in November through Red Cross after the Typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines. Though Facebook’s representatives did not mention the actual amount raised from the campaign, the feature allowed users to donate through a notification found right on the top of their News Feeds.

Right now, 19 non-profit organizations have signed-up as launch partners, including, Boys And Girls Club Of America, World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, Red Cross, and Kiva. These groups have the Donate Button show up on the top of their Facebook Pages and at the bottom of their News Feed posts. After some tweaks more, Facebook will allow other non-profits to use the feature by simply signing up here. Upon clicking the button, users will be allowed to donate through credit card or Paypal.


1. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you’ll need to create one.  Refer to this previous blog post on how to create a Facebook Page. Make sure to select The “Cause or Community” or “Company, Organization or Institution” pages as a charity fan page.

Facebook page set up

* If you need to assign team members as page administrators, you can add them as you set up the page or do it later.

2. Find the Donate Button Application by First Giving. On the top menu, click “Create Button”

Facebook donate app

3. Type in the name of your charity or organization. Results will pop up below the text box. Click on your charity name when it appears on the list.

Facebook donation button

4. Install the app on your Facebook Page. Choose the page you have created to install the donation button “Install on Fan Page” button to the right of your page’s profile picture.


5. Click “Add Donation Button Creator” . A popup notification will appear and ask permission so the app can access your page. This will add the app to your page.Donation-Button-to-Facebook

6. You should be able to find the Donate app next to“Photos”
Facebook Add donate button

7. To edit the button setting, click on the “Donate” button. As administrator, you should be directed to the page where you can “Edit Donate Settings”. You can now use the button to change the charity or other settings of the donation such as change the verbiage to “Support Our Cause” rather than “Donate”

With this new feature, users will no longer have to go outside of the Facebook platform to donate to your charity. A pop-out window will appear on Facebook and will make the donation process Easy as 1-2-3!

Here’s what it will look like when you’re all done…

American Red Cross Donation on Facebook

Donors can choose how much to give and can enter payment details or just use the ones already saved on Facebook. The easy pop-out guarantees you’re charity will boost conversion rates and raise more funds for projects in need.

Now go raise some money for your cause and let me know in the comments below what charity YOU are passionate about – I’d love to hear