Ever wonder what the red notifications are at the top of your Facebook page?  Or wonder how to change these setting?  This HOW TO post will teach you How To Change Your Facebook Notification Settings.

Red alert notifications appear in the top-right corner of any Facebook page. Upon logging in, you should see a red square notification over the global icon that includes the number of unread notifications you have. There are separate notifications for friends requests and new messages.

facebook notifications

When a user clicks on these icons, a drop-down will show you the new items and you can take action from there.

If you’re trying to manage the time you spend on social networks (you know, so you can get “real” work done) then being notified for everything as it happens might be too time consuming.

Did you know that you can actually control what notifications you want to get?

Here are some of the types of notifications you can adjust in your settings:

  • Email notifications
  • Push notifications on your phone
  • App requests and notifications
  • Group notifications
  • Close friend notifications
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Event notifications


A. Turn off notifications of individual posts:

  1. Click the globe icon
  2. Hover your mouse over the notification you want to stop seeing and click the X that appears
  3. Click Turn offHow to change Facebook Notification Settings 1

B. Adjust your email notifications:

  1. Click at the top right of your homepage and select Setting and click NotificationsHow to change Facebook Notification Settings 2
  2. Go to Email and click EditHow to change Facebook Notification Settings 3
  3. Choose if you want to receive all notifications or only notifications about your account, security and privacyHow to change Facebook Notification Settings 4

C. To change your notification settings for a group

  1. Go to the group and click Notifications in the top right under your group’s photo.
  2. You can turn notifications on for All Posts, on for Friends’ Posts or Off.How to change Facebook Notification Settings 5

For more information about changing your Facebook notifications, visit Facebook Help.